Main Drain Cover Replacement

Improper pool and spa drain covers can be extremely dangerous and result in death. Unsafe drains have resulted in children and even adults drowning.

Children or adults with long hair have had their hair sucked into the drain holes and then they become entangled. When unable to untangle their hair, they become trapped or tied to the drain, as if someone had tied their hair into a knot through the drain holes.

Drain entrapments are frequently the result of a swimmer’s body, hair, limbs or clothing becoming entangled in a faulty or flat drain or grate. The best defense against entrapments is to prevent them before they happen by installing federally-compliant drain covers. Inspect your drain cover regularly to make sure it’s not broken and is not missing.

Federal Pool and Spa Safety Act Seeks to End Entrapment Deaths.

Concern over a rise in serious injuries and drowning deaths by being entrapped by the suction of swimming pool drains and spas has resulted in the enactment of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. Tragically, the Act is named after the seven year-old granddaughter of former Secretary of State James A. Baker, III, who died when she became entrapped by a spa drains mighty suction.

The Act, designed to prevent life-threatening injuries and drownings by drain entrapment, specifies that every commercial pool and spa in the U.S. must be fitted with new compliant anti-entrapment safety drain cover by December, 19, 2008 or the pool and spa will be closed until the correction is made.

Also, by this day, all safety drain covers and entrapment avoidance systems marketed must meet the new ASME/ANSI A 112.19.8 standards.

Newly designed and affordable compliant anti-entrapment drain covers are easily retrofitted to existing drains and are instrumental in the effort to prevent future devastating injuries and drowning deaths.

If you do not have a federally-compliant drain cover we highly recommend that you have us replace your drain cover with a federally-compliant type of drain cover to prevent an unnecessary death or accident.