Equipment Inspection

It’s crucial you make sure all the components of your pool filtration system is operating correctly.

Owning a pool is a lot more than just relaxing in the cool, blue water on a hot Sacramento summer day.

If you don’t maintain it regularly, you won’t be able to enjoy your pool to it’s fullest for very long before it starts to accumulate algae and debris.

A swimming pool inspection with Clear Water Pools will diagnose and solve any potential problems. Remember it’s always better to correct problems before they happen.

The standard equipment associated with properly circulating the water in a swimming pool are the pump, motor, filter, heater and surface skimmer.

Sacramento Swimming Pool Filtration Inspections by Clear Water Pools

Most built in swimming pool water circulation systems are self contained (meaning not external)

The pumps in your pool are powered by a small motor, and typically housed on the intake side of the filter.

Basically, it takes in water flow from the pool, and drives it through the filter steadily, and debris and dirt is gradually removed.
Call Clear Water Pools at (916) 425-5299, and have our owner Rob Casebolt come out to take a hard look at the state and condition of your current filtration system.

Your pool is an important investment and a centerpiece of your home and happiness, lets make sure it’s in pristine condition all year long