Pool Safety Tips for Citrus Heights Pool Owners

Pool Safety Tips for Citrus Heights Pool Owners

Keep yourself and your family safe this summer by following these tips for pool safety.

Nothing is more synonymous with summertime than swimming pools, especially in Citrus Heights. While pools are one of the most fun ways to beat the summer heat, they do pose danger if used without proper caution. Here are some pool safety tips to keep swimmers safe and sound.

Always maintain constant adult supervision

Never leave children alone in or near the swimming pool or hot tub, even for a minute. During social gatherings, have adults take turns being the designated “water watcher” to supervise children and prevent accidents around the pool area. Keep a telephone and emergency numbers by the pool.

A gated pool is a much safer pool

Install a four-sided safety pool fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate to prevent children and pets from accessing the pool. Remove steps to above-ground swimming pools when not in use.

Establish pool rules to prevent injuries

Discuss the pool rules with children and pool guests, such as no running around the swimming pool, no diving into the shallow end or from the side of the pool, and no sliding down a water-slide head-first.

Teach your children to swim

The National Safety Council suggests enrolling children in swimming lessons as early as age three, and the American Red Cross says most children are ready by age four.

Learn CPR

Enroll in Red Cross water safety, first aid and CPR courses to learn what to do in the event of an emergency. Ensure that babysitters, grandparents and others who care for your children know these lifesaving skills as well. Find a Swimming and Water Safety course in your area by contacting your local Red Cross Chapter at www.redcross.org